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What is Tokushima’s Medical Tourism?

With a rich medical resource developed by research on diabetes, combined with the many tourism attractions, we offer medical tourism to take aim at the sharp increase of patients who have diabetes.

In recent years, the reality of an aging population has progressed in developing countries. There are various problems that arise with an aging society. We believe that the solution to this problem is to support the health of the aging population in order to help people live a long and healthy life, and hope that these actions will reduce reliance on the next generation.

Fortunately, Tokushima has developed medical resources with a base on diabetes research that has been collected over the years. With this, we are able to give patrons the opportunity to experience the amazing attractions of Tokushima by responding with the highest quality of medical expertise, and by providing the opportunity to see the industry, culture, and nature within Tokushima’s attraction.

World-Renowned Diabetes Research

The Results from Tokushima’s Diabetes Research
The Contents of “Medical checkup for diabetes”
Affiliated Medical Facilities

About Tokushima Medicaltourism

Tokushima Prefecture has come to be known worldwide as a prefecture that is resolutely fighting against diabetes.A high quality medical service developed by Tokushima University that has a main focus on the “Diabetes Diagnosis Service” has been initiated in to a new effort known as “Tokushima Medical Tourism”. Rich and abundant tourist attractions are fitted together with high quality medical services in order to provide and serve with a heart of hospitality.

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