Affiliated Medical Facilities


Tokushima University Hospital

Medical check-up for obesity and diabetes is provided in the Anti-Aging Medical Center (AAMC)of Tokushima University Hospital. We evaluate genetic factors, pathophysiological characteristics, vascular complications, and sarcopenia in subjects with obesity and diabetes. We also provide consultation on how to sustain a suitable life style for preventing advanced complications, such as cerebrovascular disease, end stage renal failure, and frailty. (These medical checkups are available on every Friday)

Tokushima Naruto Prefecture hospital

In Tokushima Naruto Prefecture hospital, in addition to diabetes screening (examination of the state of the body and blood vessels and advice for prevention of diabetes) plus a complete physical checkup (useful for early detection of major cancer and other diseases. ) And various option examination (various optional precision examination is prepared to respond to various anxiety of health) can be carried out. (These medical checkups are available on every Monday to Friday)

Tokushima Industrial Promotion Organization

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