Tokushima Naruto Prefecture hospital

Tokushima Naruto Prefecture hospital

In Tokushima Naruto Prefecture hospital, in addition to diabetes screening (examination of the state of the body and blood vessels and advice for prevention of diabetes) plus a complete physical checkup (useful for early detection of major cancer and other diseases. ) And various option examination (various optional precision examination is prepared to respond to various anxiety of health) can be carried out. (These medical checkups are available on every Monday to Friday)

Diabetes screening

Inspection itemcontents
Inspection of whole bodyPhysical examination etc.weight, blood pressure measurement, abdominal girth, BMI, consultation Fundus
intraocular pressure examinationWe investigate signs of retinopathy, which is complication of diabetes.
Electrocardiogram examinationExamine arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and the presence or absence of angina pectoris etc.
Pulse Wave Propagation Velocity (PWV Inspection)We measure the hardness of the arterial wall from the velocity at which the pulse wave of the heart is transmitted and check the progressing rate of arteriosclerosis.
Vascular endothelial function test (FMD test)We measure the health of the vascular endothelium and detect arteriosclerosis at an early stage.
Carotid artery echocardiographyWe measure the thickness of the carotid artery and the condition of the plaque and find the arteriosclerosis at an early stage. You can also see dangers such as cerebrovascular disease and myocardial infarction.
Blood testWe examine the metabolic function and judge whether it is diabetes or not. Also investigate liver function, kidney function, lipid, cardiovascular system and others.
UrinalysisWe measure the amount of albumin in the urine that appears early in the onset of diabetic nephropathy, and we will discover the onset of diabetic nephropathy at an early stage.
Exercise instructionDoctors and public health nurses propose suitable exercise that can be continued according to their lifestyle.
Nutrition guidanceWhile eating a calorie-calculated healthy lunch, a managed dietician will advise on diet.
General diagnosisThe doctor diagnoses and explains the state of the body and gives comprehensive advice.

A complete physical checkup (Day Trip)

Inspection iteminspection content・purpose
Inspection of whole bodyPhysical examination etc.height, weight, blood pressure measurement, BMI, abdominal girth, examination
UrinalysisProtein・ sugar・occult blood・sediment
Electrocardiogram examinationgrasp the movement of the heart and investigate the presence or absence of arrhythmia.
Blood testhemoglobin, red blood cell count, white blood cell count, platelet count, blood image, total bilirubin, AST, ALT, γ-GTP, ALP, LDH, total protein, protein fraction, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, neutral fat, urea Nitrogen, creatinine, uric acid, fasting blood glucose, HbA 1 c
Cancer examinationImmune fecal occult blood test (2 day method)Colorectal cancerIt is useful for early detection by examination to confirm the presence or absence of attention in the large intestine.
ABC screening (blood test)Gastric cancerPepsinogen, H. pylori Determine risk by antibody test.
Chest simple CT examinationLung cancerIt is useful for early detection by tomography.
Abdomen simple CT examinationLiver・Gall bladderIt is useful for early detection by cancer tomography.
Woman's cancer examinationBreast cancerIt is useful for early detection by examination by inspection and palpation.
uterine cancercytology / uterine ultrasound examination, it is useful for early detection.
Tumor marker test (whole body cancer screening test)Lung・colon cancerCEA
Liver cancerAFP
Pancreatic cancerCA-19
(Male only) Prostate cancerPSA
(Female only) Ovarian cancerCA125

Cancer examination

Inspection itemsInspection methodInspection purpose
HbA1C (hemoglobin A1c)Blood testYou can see the average state of blood sugar in the past 1, .. 3 months
PSA (prostate specific antigen test)blood testto see if there is a possibility of prostate cancer (men only)
Photographing of fundus camera (without mydriasis)-------It is possible to know whether arteriosclerosis or hypertension change in the fundus retina, or possibility of glaucoma, and presence of cataract
Intraocular pressure measurementMeasured by blowing air on the eyeSame as above
Cataract test Slit lamp test-------Same as above
Abdominal ultrasonography (gallbladder, liver, kidney, tile, pancreas)-------Ultrasound examination Check for tumor, polyp, stone, changes in organs and deposition of fat
Head MRI examination magnetic co-stimulation layer photography-------It is possible to know the presence or absence of a tumor or an infarct from a cross-sectional image of a precise brain
Head MRA examination magnetic co-stimulation layer photography-------It is possible to know the presence or absence of a cerebral aneurysm
Chest CT exam (lung cancer screening)Computed tomographyYou can know the detailed condition of the lung (cross section) and it helps early detection of diseases such as lung cancer and emphysema
Abdominal CT examination (visceral fat)Computed tomographyMeasurement of liver cancer / gall bladder cancer and measurement of visceral fat mass
Sputum examination (lung cancer screening)-------Examine the presence or absence of cancer cells in sputum
HCV antibody blood test-------Check for infection with hepatitis C virus
ABI (arteriosclerosis test)limb blood pressure measurement inspection (blood pressure pulse wave inspection device)arteriosclerosis is found early
H. pylori test blood test (H. pylori antibody)-------We will check for the presence of H. pylori infection
Portable sleep polygraphexamination polygraph exam (Investigation of respiratory condition)We will find sleep apnea syndrome
Blood vessel endothelium function testFMD testYou can see the very early change in arteriosclerosis
EndoscopyInspection to insert video scope from mouthBy understanding the condition of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, it helps early detection of stomach cancer etc.
Transnasal endoscopyInspection to insert video scope from noseBy inserting from the nose, it is an endoscopic examination with less distress.


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