Tokushima University Hospital

Tokushima University Hospital

Medical check-up for obesity and diabetes is provided in the Anti-Aging Medical Center (AAMC)of Tokushima University Hospital. We evaluate genetic factors, pathophysiological characteristics, vascular complications, and sarcopenia in subjects with obesity and diabetes. We also provide consultation on how to sustain a suitable life style for preventing advanced complications, such as cerebrovascular disease, end stage renal failure, and frailty. (These medical checkups are available on every Friday)

Medical Staff

Munehide Matsuhisa, MD, PhD

Director and Professor in Diabetes Therapeutics
and Research Center, Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences,
Tokushima University

Tokushima University Hospital (Tokushima Prefecture)
Endocrine/ Metabolic Internal Medicine Diabetes Clinical Innovation Center
Specially Appointed Professor

With his eyes turned to this wide world, Dr. Matsuhisa Munehide aspires to be able to put efforts in to strategies and prevention against diabetes. Within the prefecture, the Diabetes Clinical Research Innovation Center has played a role as a place where diabetes patients can get a full variety of services such as early detection diagnosis and prevention, medical examination, and prevention of complications. In recent year there has also been tourists who have come in recent years for these services.

A lot of efforts are being put in to medical tourism and it is hoped that it can be a medical contribution in Asia. He has made many achievements in investigations of the regulation factor of the flow of glucose, the creation of insulation and the response of internal cell stress, the advanced diabetes treatment of pancreatic transplant, and also research in the risk factor of arteriosclerosis and diabetes.


Diabetes, Metabolomics, Treatment for Advanced Diabetes


March 1987 Graduated from Okayama University, Department of Medicine
February 1996 PhD Osaka University, Department of Medicine
July 1987 Kansai Work Industry Hospital Internal Medicine Department
July 1988 Yao Municipal Hospital Internal Medicine Department
July 1990 Osaka University Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Researcher
October 1993 Canada: University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine Department of Physiology, Researcher
September 1995 Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine/ Faculty of Medicine (Previously Internal Medicine) Doctor
August 2003 Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine/ Faculty of Medicine
April 2009 Osaka University Internal Medicine, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Lecturer
January 2010 Tokushima University Diabetes Clinical Research Innovation Center, Department Head, Specially Appointed Professor
January 2011 Tokushima University Hospital Clinical Test Management Center Deputy Center Head
April 2011 Tokushima University Hospital Anti-Aging Medical Center Deputy Center Head
January 2014 Tokushima University Diabetes Clinical Research Innovations, Specially Appointed Professor
April 2014 Tokushima University Anti-Aging Medical Center, Center Director

AAMC/Main examinations of medical check-up in AAMC
Urinary examinations (glucose, protein, albumin excretion ratio)
Blood examination
Complete blood count (WBC, RBC, Plt etc.)
Liver function test, Lipid profile, Kidney function,
Glucose Metabolism (fasting plasma glucose, insulin, glycated hemoglobin, 75g oral glucose load test)
Schedule in medical check-up
8:30- Participation, and Orientation
8:50- Measurement of waist circumstance, Blood Pressure, Height, and Body Weight
9:00-Urinary examination
9:10-Abdinunal CT, Chest X ray, FMD
9:50- ABI/PWV、electrocardiogram
10:30- Blood sampling at fasting state ※
10:35- 75g oral glucose loading
11:05- Blood sampling 30min after glucose loading
11:35- Blood sampling 60min after glucose loading
11:40-Examination for salcopenia
12:35- Blood sampling 120min after glucose loading
12:50- Lunch and nutrition guidance
13:50-Explanation of results

※We evaluate diabetic complications instead of 75g oral glucose load test in patients with diabetes.

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