Tokushima’s various Tourist Attractions

Take a Look at Our Industries

Advanced Health and Medical Care Company: Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical was established in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan in 1964.Since then, based on the corporate philosophy of creating innovative products that contribute to the health of the people of the world, it is the representative of Tokushima that manufactures high quality medicinal products to be used globally. As a total healthcare company, it produces mainly health products (such as soybean related products) in addition to pharmaceutical products.

Advanced Health and Medical Care Company: Sunstar Co., Ltd.

From oral, skin, and hair care, to household items, this factory is reaching to be a top runner within the Sunstar Group. The company produces toothbrushes, cosmetics, and things that would be useful for the sake of the health and lifestyle of their customers. The factory, located in the midst of a rich natural environment, takes part as a member of the local society and makes effort in preserving the environment.

Interact with culture and tradition

Otsuka Art Museum

Otsuka Art Museum was created by the Otsuka Group, one of the many health and medicine corporations in Japan. For the company’s 75th anniversary, the museum was created in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture and holds Japan’s largest permanent installation space of famous art pieces plastered on ceramic boards (Total area of about 29,412 square meters in the area of its total floor space). These specialized ceramic boards last for over 2000 years without becoming discolored. The impressive recreated ceramic board art pieces’ hail from over 25 countries, and the museum holds over 1000 life sized Western art pieces that less than 190 museums hold. Recreated in its original size, the replica of the Sistine Chapel is especially breathtaking.

Hands-on Indigo Dye Experience

Known as the origin on Awa Indigo, Tokushima is where indigo was cultivated, the fermented dye is created, and where it is prepared. Tokushima’s Awa Dye products are all dyed by hand from start to end. At BUAISOU, where you can experience Awa Indigo Dyeing for yourself, ash lye, calcium hydroxide, and wheat bran are combined and fermented. Then, a dye is created with a traditional technique called the “hell vat”. Items dyed such as cloth, and wood material, receive a deep and crisp “Japan Blue” Color from the natural blend of dye. It is said that the color of items made with this technique does not bleed.

Awa Odori Dance

This Obon odori dance was created in Tokushima, and has been shared with the world. It is one of Japan’s representing traditional cultures Since the Tokugawa Shogunate, holding a 400-year long history. Every summer, the festival is held in Tokushima City, Naruto, and the municipalities of Tokushima. Tokushima holds one of the largest and dynamic summer festivals, filled with a large amount of visitors and dancers in Tokushima City and is known as one of the greatest attractions in Japan. Even outside of the time of the festival, you can see, and experience this wonderful dance all year round at the Awa Odori Kaikan, a permanent installation.

Townscape of “Udatsu no Machinami”

From the middle of the Edo period, we are blessed with the luck of the Yoshinogawa River and prosperous in Indigo and cocoon. the row of houses where many indigo merchants glorified, “Udatsu” which the trading day merchants revealed prosperity rises, and it still tells the prosperity of those days. (Udatsu was a firewall of soil attached to the border with the neighboring house, it was a symbol of wealth)

Japanese Traditional Restaurant/ Interaction with Geiko

A Ryotei is a place where one can experience traditional Japanese Hospitality originating from the Edo Period. Within the many locations, “Shimada” is a high class ryotei where one is welcomed by geiko. (1)Geiko Performances (2)Enjoy time interacting with the Geiko (3)Taste the cuisine of all four seasons / With the three services combined together, along with the attentive service, if you want to have a luxurious time, visiting a Ryotei is the best choice to make.

Experience Ikebana (Flower Arrangement)

“Ikebana” is a Japanese traditional culture, combining a mixture of various materials and plants in to a different structure. Originally it was used to put as an offering in front of an altar. As it developed, many different styles were created. In this tour, under the guidance of a top level instructor of a flower arrangement style that emphasizes the moribana style, you will be able to try flower arrangement. Won’t you try to experience the excitement of flower arrangement along with the peace that it brings to one’s heart?

Going Around the Rich Natural Sites


Kazurabashi: Vine Bridges in Iya Valley

Associated to the Tale of Heike, Kazurabashi, located in the hidden Iya, gets full points for being a thrilling experience when looking straight down between the spaces of the bridge at one’s feet. Shirakuchikazura (vine of the hardy kiwi plant, with a weight of 5 tons) was sown together to create a bridge that is 45 m long, 2 m wide, and 14 m above the water. It was the only transportation installation that was created in all of the depths of the valley. (Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property)

Naruto Whirlpools

The whirlpools are located between the 1.3 km long Naruto Strait that spans between Magosaki, Naruto City and Tosaki, Awajishima. Based between the Kii Channel and the Seto Inland Sea, the impactful whirlpools come in to shape in the strait when there are differences in the swells. One can view the magnificent whirlpools either from the inside of the long-spanning Oonaruto Bridge, that acts as a suspension bridge connecting the strait, or the observation tour boats.

The scenic coastal park where the Kuroshio strikes

The coastal area from the southern part of Tokushima Prefecture to Kochi prefecture Muroto Cape is “Muroto Anan Seaside National Park”, and it is abundant with sand beaches, cliffs and rias coasts. By taking the underwater sightseeing boat “Blue Marine”, you can enjoy the scenery of the coastline and the scent of the tide from the deck and you can see plenty of beautiful coral and tropical fish from inside the ship.

In nature “Shikoku Reizyou”

About 1,200 years ago, 88 sanctuaries where Kobo Daishi Kukai was retracted in Shikoku,The epic journey of traveling around these is “Shikoku Reizyou”. In Tokushima Prefecture there are temples from No. 1 to No. 23, especially the temples in the central and southern part of the prefecture are integrated with the nature of the mountains. It attracts attention as a place I want to visit once.

Accommodation list

Hotel Ridge

Hotel Ridge is located in Naruto City, near the Setonaikai National Park in a complex facility called “Naruto Park Hills”. Within these facilities, you will be able to spend some time surrounded by nature, in a place where you can relax and get away from the noise of your daily life. Hotel Ridge is a place where you can have a moment of luxury and can come across an ocean view from your window while spending some quality time.

Hotel Iya Hot Springs

Ride a cable car in to the valley, and you will get off at a mysterious hot springs. Soak yourself in the water flowing from the spring, or enjoy the personal bath attached to your room. Listen to the sound of nature to your hearts content in a mysterious little inn. One can also enjoy local vegetables, river fish that is dynamic in aroma, and also local specialties.

Renaissance Naruto Resort

Located within the Seto Inland Sea National Park, is a paradise like resort hotel in the town famous for whirlpools, Naruto. In addition to being able to see the Oonaruto bridge that crosses over the Naruto Strait, at this hotel, customers ranging from kids to adults can have an enjoyable time at the restaurants, natural hot spring, souvenir shops, events, and much more.

JR Hotel Clement Tokushima

JR Hotel Clement Tokushima is an urban hotel with a variety of rich restaurants, gorgeous banquet halls and chapels, in addition to a convenient location directly connected to the JR Tokushima station in the center of Tokushima city. We offer a hotel life that is perfect for you with warm hospitality and a variety of dishes that made use of the special products of Tokushima.

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